Rules Noticed and Adopted

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SAMs update 22.6 ARC 1379C    
Ruling on ititial inquiry (re: prob cause) 11.6 ARC 1378C    
Out-of-state applicant licensure requirements 13.17(1) & 13.3(6) ARC 1343C    
Complaint-Who may initiate 11.4 ARC 1344C    
Teacher Intern Requirements 13.9(3) ARC 1272C ARC 1374C 4/23/14
Paraeducators—competencies for generalists and special needs concentration 24.3, 24.4(2) ARC 1233C ARC 1325C 3/26/14
Initial administrator license 18.4 ARC 1234C ARC 1326C 3/26/14
Family and consumer sciences endorsements 13.28(9), 17.1 ARC 1235C ARC 1327C 3/26/14
School counselors—licensure and practice 13.15, 13.28, 27.3 ARC 1236C ARC 1328C 3/26/14
Iowa jobs for America’s graduates (iJAG) authorization 22.7 ARC 1180C ARC 1322C 3/26/14
International exchange license 13.17(3) ARC 1181C ARC 1323C 3/26/14
Substitute teacher license—in-state and out-of-state graduates required to pass Iowa-mandated assessment(s) 13.16(1) ARC 1182C ARC 1324C 3/26/14
Studen Abuse (REFILED) 25.3(1)e ARC 0992C ARC 1170C Session delay
STEM endorsements: engineering; career & technical lic 13.28(30)&(31) & 17.1(3) ARC 0993C ARC 1171C 12/18/13
Secific req. for Master Educator's Lic 13.8 ARC 0987C ARC 1168C 12/18/13
Superintendent/AEA Admin 18.10(1)&(3) ARC 0988C ARC 1167C 12/18/13
Out-of-state applicants for Iowa licensure—provision of valid or expired license with application 13.3, 13.17(1) ARC 0880C ARC 1166C 12/18/13
Correction to all science endorsement title 13.28(17)“i” ARC 0879C ARC 1085C 11/20/13
Substitute authorization—length of time licensee may serve in one classroom 22.2 ARC 0878C ARC 1087C 11/20/13
School administration manager authorization 22.6 ARC 0877C ARC 1086C 11/20/13
Health/PE/Music 13.28(8),13.28(14),13.28(13) ARC 0762C ARC 0986C 10/9/13
Out of State applicants - Nataional Board Certification 13.3(6) ARC 0706C ARC 0867C 8/28/13
Military Exchange License 13.17(4) ARC 0705C ARC 0868C 8/28/13
SBO Renewal 22.3(7) ARC 0704C ARC 0869C 8/28/13
Admin Endorsement Renumber 18.9 ARC 0703C ARC 0872C 8/28/13
Renewal of Admin License 19.7 ARC 0702C ARC 0873C 8/28/13
Admin Extension 18.12 ARC 0701C ARC 0874C 8/28/13
Content Specialist 13.28(30) ARC 0700C ARC 0875C 8/28/13
Concussion Training 13.28(9)&22.1 ARC 0696C ARC 0866C 8/28/13
Student Abuse 25.3(1)(e) ARC 0678C ARC 1010C filed notice of termination
Discrimination & Failure to Comply 25.3(6)&(7) & 11.4(1) ARC 0677C ARC 0853C 8/28/13
Expiration Date changes 23.2, 22.1 & 13.9 ARC 0676C ARC 0865C 8/28/13
Teacher Intern License - International Teachers 13.9 ARC 0614C ARC 0698C 6/5/13
Substitute teacher’s license 13.16(1) ARC 0509C ARC 0605C 3/27/13
Notice of hearing—delivery 11.7(1) ARC 0494C ARC 0606C 3/27/13
Professional administrator license 18.5 ARC 0493C ARC 0607C 3/27/13
Elimination of Class D career and technical license 17.4 ARC 0492C ARC 0609C 3/27/13
Evaluator endorsement—Class A administrator exchange license for out-of-state applicants 19.6 ARC 0491C ARC 0608C 3/27/13
Preliminary native language teaching authorization 22.5 ARC 0443C ARC 0562C 2/27/13
Administrator licenses 18.7 ARC 0444C ARC 0451C 12/19/12
Assessment requirements for Iowa licensure 13.1(3), 13.3, 13.4, 13.17(1)“a,” ARC 0445C ARC 0563C 1/1/13
Renewal of administrator licenses 19.7 ARC 0311C ARC 0451C 12/19/12
Science teaching endorsement—content requirements 13.28(17) ARC 0312C ARC 0449C 12/19/12
Special education—update of terminology to “intellectual disability” 14.2 ARC 0229C ARC 0450C 12/19/12
Mathematics—5-8 algebra for high school credit endorsement 13.28(12) ARC 0235C ARC 0448C 12/19/12
Elementary endorsement—verification of highly qualified teacher status 13.26(5) ARC 0236C ARC 0446C 12/19/12
Disqualifying criminal convictions 11.35(2)“a,” 25.3(1)“b” ARC 9923B ARC 0025C 4/11/2012
Administrative rule cleanup—citations, outdated language 1, 3, 5, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 25 ARC 9924B ARC 0026C 4/11/2012
Teacher intern license—options to obtain initial license 13.9(7) ARC 9744B ARC 9925B 1/18/2012
Preliminary professional career authorization 22.5 ARC 9660B
One-year teacher exchange license 13.17(1) ARC 9661B ARC 9840B 12/7/2011
Mathematics endorsement 13.28(12) ARC 9662B ARC 9839B 12/7/2011
Physics endorsement 13.28(17)“g” ARC 9663B ARC 9838B 12/7/2011
Fees—professional service license 12.1 ARC 9570B ARC 9743B 10/12/2011
Denial of application during a pending professional practices case 11.39 ARC 9450B ARC 9659B 9/14/2011
Specific requirements for a Class B license 13.11 ARC 9382B ARC 9573B 8/3/2011
School Business Official Authorization 22.3 ARC 9381B ARC 9572B 8/3/2011
Specific requirements for a Class A license 18.7(5) ARC 9306B ARC 9453B 5/11/2011
Specific requirements for a standard license 13.7 ARC 9305B
Specific requirements for an administrator lic 20.9(4) ARC 9304B
Specific requirements for a professional administrator 18.5 ARC 9303B
Professional Core 13.18(4) ARC 9302B