In order to best serve Iowa educators by processing transactions in a timely manner, licensure consultants will not be available by phone until after 9:00 a.m. during our busy summer months.

Board of Educational Examiners Staff Directory


Address: Board of Educational Examiners
Grimes State Office Building
400 East 14th St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0147
Location: Third Floor, Southwest corner
Grimes State Office Building
(E. 14th and Grand) - Des Moines

Main Phone Number (515) 281-3245
Fax Number (515) 281-7669
Duane T. Magee - Executive Director 515-281-4810

Kim Cunningham - Board Secretary 515-281-5849
Consultants/Licensure Assignments
Mike Cavin - Special Education, Paraeducator, and General Education/Renewals 515-281-3437

Greg Horstmann - Principal and Superintendent Licensure/Renewals, Substitute Licenses/Authorizations, and General Education/Renewals 515-281-3587

Steve Mitchell - Coaching Authorizations and General Education/Renewals 515-281-6896

Dr. Mary Lou Nosco - Teacher Licensure for Non-Iowa College Preparation, Non-traditional Programs, Counseling, and General Education/Renewals 515-725-2146
Joanne Tubbs - Internship Programs, Iowa Teacher Prep Curriculum, Conditional Licensure, Extensions, and General Education/Renewals 515-281-3611
Dave Wempen - Teacher Licensure for Non-Iowa College Preparation, School Business Official, Conditional Licensure, Career & Technical Education, and General Education/Renewals 515-281-3605
Other Staff
Darcy Lane, J.D. - Attorney, Investigator 515-242-6506

Jim McNellis - Investigator 515-281-3483

Jeff DeBruin - I.T. Specialist 515-242-6797

Danielle Brookes - Clerk - FBI/DCI Check 515-281-3482

Karen Ford - Clerk - Renewals 515-281-4839

Judy Humes - Clerk 515-281-5058

Sherry Jensen - Clerk 515-281-8323
Susan Wilbur - Receptionist 515-281-3245