Apply For a New or Additional License

May be downloaded as a "type on" Word document or a PDF;
click the appropriate icon. Instructions are on the form.

Information on Late Fees

          Teacher Licensure (Iowa Institution)

Online     Teacher Licensure (Out of State Preparation)

Effective July 23, 2015 all Teacher Licensure (Out of State Preparation) applicants will be applying through the BoEE’s new online application system. (Instructions here)

          Administrator Licensure (Iowa Institution)

          Administrator Licensure (Out of State)

          Initial School Business Official Authorization

          Temporary Initial School Business Official Authorization

          Professional Service License (Iowa Institution)

          Professional Service License (Out of State)

          School Psychology Intern

          Class B or Executive Director Decision (conditional)
(Temporary license to serve outside of endorsed area while completing requirements)

          Class G (counselor)         (Applicant does not hold a teacher license
and has completed all requirements to serve as school
guidance counselor with the exception of the practicum)

          Substitute License

          Substitute License Only (Out of state teachers not wanting full licensure)

          Evaluator Approval License

          Career and Technical Authorization (Occupational)

          Teacher Intern License

          Coaching Authorization Application

          Statement of Professional Recognition

          Statement of Professional Recognition School Nurse

          Substitute Authorization

          Behind the Wheel Driving Instructor Authorization

          Paraeducator Certificate

          Orientation and Mobility License

          Out of Country

     PDF     International Exchange

     PDF     Native Language Speaker Authorization

     PDF     Initial School Administrative Manager

     PDF     Activities Administration Authorization

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