Substitute Authorization

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a substitute teaching license and a substitute authorization?

    A substitute teaching license is based on the completion of a teacher education program. The substitute teaching license authorizes the individual to substitute teach on any level, in any area for a maximum of 90 days in one assignment.

    The substitute authorization allows a person with a baccalaureate degree to substitute for a maximum of 5 consecutive days and up to 10 days per month in one assignment.

    The substitute authorization allows a paraeducator who completes the paraeducator training to substitute in the special education classroom where the person serves as a paraeducator for no more than 5 consecutive days.

    The authorization is issued upon the successful completion of the substitute training program. Please review the rules for the substitute authorization.

  2. Who is offering the substitute training for the substitute authorization?

    Several area education agencies have been approved to offer the substitute authorization program. Please contact the staff development coordinator at your area education agency for information regarding the program offering.

  3. May I begin substituting under a conditional license while I am waiting for the training to be offered?

    No. You must complete the training before you would be issued the substitute authorization.

  4. Where is the application for a substitute authorization?

    You may download the application from our website.

  5. I am a paraeducator but I do not have a paraeducator certificate. How do I obtain a paraeducator certificate so I can then complete the substitute training to obtain the substitute authorization?

    The requirements for the paraeducator certificate are also found on our website.

  6. Can a school receive an extension so a person with the substitute authorization can substitute more than 5 days in one assignment?

No. The rules do not allow for an extension.