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Alternatives to Guardianship/Conservatorship for Adults
Guardianship/Conservatorship Papers


Civic Engagement Outreach Partnership

The DD Council and the Iowa Secretary of State and have formed a partnership to increase the participation of Iowa students in civic activities. One role of the DD Council is to recruit and support students with disabilities to participate in the following training opportunities with their non-disabled classmates. The DD Council is also supporting an opportunity for adults with disabilities to learn more about civic participation through the Capitol Day-You Can Make a Difference project, tailored to the specific interests and needs of participants.
For more information on the events, contact
· Rik Shannon at 515/281-9086, 1-800-452-1936 or email
· Iowa Secretary of State's Office

ID Action

ID Action (Iowans with Disabilities in Action) gives people with disabilities the tools to do everything from registering to vote to running for office.
To Contact ID Action:
Telephone: 866-432-2846 toll free statewide


Funded by the Council since its inception in 1990 with the Iowa University Affiliated Program, COMPASS is now funded by seven agencies. Each year it provides statewide, toll-free information and referral services to more than 10,000 Iowans with disabilities and family members, to assist them in their decision-making. You may contact Iowa COMPASS by calling 1-800-779-2001 or visit their web site at

Key Coalition

The Key Coalition is a group of 21 public and private statewide organizations that represent the interests of people with disabilities, and was formed with leadership from the Council. It pursues a joint legislative agenda that focuses on system wide issues, particularly adequate funding and consistency within the service delivery system. The Coalition's vision is that Iowans with disabilities in Iowa will equitably receive supports and services that are based on their functional need rather than on diagnostic labels or county of residence.

Council Publications

Alternative to Guardianship and Conservatorship for Adults in Iowa
An information booklet developed in 2001 by the Subsitute Decision Maker Task Force for the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs. This booklet discusses arrangements available to protect the welfare of individuals in addition to full guardianship and conservatorsh
To request a copy of this informational booklet, please contact the DD Council office at 1-800-452-1936 or click here for an electronic copy.
Guardianship/Conservatorship Papers
A set of informational papers developed for the Council by Legal Services Corporation of Iowa. These papers cover many often asked questions concerning guardianships and conservatorships. They include: powers, duties, and responsibility of a guardian and a conservator as well as the ward rights, how to apply for, modify or terminate a guardianship or conservatorship.
Click here for the electronic version of these informational papers or you to request a hard copy please contact the DD Council office at 1-800-452-1936.


During the legislative session, the DD Council publishes an informational policy publication for people interested in disability-related legislation, called InfoNet. To read on line click here or to request a free subscription please call 800-452-1936 or email:

For more information about our projects and activities, contact:

Governor's DD Council
617 E. Second Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

(TTY/Voice) 515/281-9082   or    800/452-1936


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