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Category: Fiscal - Required

Tool Reference Tool Name Last Update
Tool G Early Childhood Iowa Area Funding 06/06/2014
  Tool G for FY15 04/03/2015
  Tool G for FY16 04/03/2015
Tool O ECI Budget Templates 03/2012
Tool R Fiscal Agent Template 04/26/2012
Tool CC SR Funds Preschool Support for Low-Income Families 04/26/2012
Tool DD Cost Allocations 01/08/2013
Tool FF SR Funds Family Support & Parent Education 01/15/2018
Tool HH Requirements for Fiscal Agents 03/28/2012
  Payment Considerations When Changing Fiscal Agents Flowchart 03/15/2012
Tool II SR Funds To Support Quality Improvement Efforts 12/12/2012
Tool SS: ECI State Board Policy ECI Mid-Year Financial Reporting 11/07/2014
  ECI Expenditure Report Template 04/26/2012
Tool UU: ECI State Board Policy Financial Agreed Upon Procedures 06/07/2013
  Note Disclosure 04/23/2014
  Closing Boards 11/02/2012
ECI State Board Policy ECI Encumbered Funds 11/07/2014
ECI State Board Policy ECI Expenditures & Reporting Policy 04/26/2012


Category: Fiscal - Best Practice

Tool Reference Tool Name Last Update
Tool H (A) Indirect Cost Rate Principles 4/30/2012
Tool BB ECI Appeal Process 4/26/2012


Category: Board Operations - Required

Tool Reference Tool Name Last Update
Tool D Public Meetings 04/30/2012
Tool E Public Records 04/30/2012
Tool J ECI Common Language Framework for Results 04/26/2012
Tool K (B) ECI Indicators and Data Dictionary 06/02/2017
Tool M Annual Report Templates 03/2012
Tool U: ECI State Board Policy ECI Boundary Change Criteria 09/05/2017
Tool V ECI Conflict of Interest Guidance & Template 08/27/2012
Tool GG Statutory Requirements of ECIA Boards 06/21/2013
Tool LL ECIA Board Membership Representation Requirements 07/01/2013
ECI State Board Policy Waiver to Merge 04/26/2012
ECI State Board Policy Exception to Merge Policy 04/26/2012
ECI State Board Policy ECI State Board Designation Appeal Process 06/05/2015


Category: Board Operations - Best Practice

Tool Reference Tool Name Last Update
Tool A ECI Structure 05/15/2012
Tool B ECIA Board Activities Deadline Calendar Template 04/26/2012
Tool C ECI Events/Activities Calendar 11/03/2014
Tool F Internal Collaboration Functioning Scale 04/26/2012
Tool I (B) Community Collaboration to Build an Early Care, Health and Education System 04/26/2012
Tool K (A) Links for Indicator Data 09/29/2017
Tool L ECI Road to Results 04/26/2012
Tool Q Robert's Rules 04/26/2012
Tool S ECI State Board Leadership Agenda 04/26/2012
Tool T Insurance Needs 04/26/2012
Tool W Non-Profit Information 03/28/2012
Tool X Developing Board By-Laws 04/26/2012
Tool Y Sample Board Member Job Descriptions 04/26/2012
Tool Z 10 Characteristics of Boards 04/26/2012
Tool AA Board Self-Evaluations 04/26/2012
Tool JJ Chair and Vice-Chair Best Practice 04/26/2012
Tool KK Writing Board Minutes 04/26/2012
Tool MM ECIA Director Competencies/Skills 04/26/2012
Tool QQ Contracting for Services 05/20/2011
Tool TT Funding Process for ECIA Boards 05/15/2012
Tool WW Communication Protocol for ECI Office Staff 09/22/2015
Tool XX Credit Card Guidance 12/08/2015


Category: ECI Area Designation

Tool Reference Tool Name Last Update
Tool N ECI Area Board Designation - General Policies 01/14/2014
Tool NN Community Plan Template 06/11/2014
Tool OO ECIA Director Professional Development Plan Template 04/26/2012
Tool PP ECIA Board Professional Development Plan Template 05/20/2011
Tool RR Developing Policies and Procedures 05/20/2011


Category: ECI State Board Policies

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