Childhood Infections
Provides information on everything you need to know about all the common and not-so-common infections.

National Immunization Program
This site provides a recommended list of vaccinations or shots to be given to your child at different ages.

American Academy of Pediatrics
Offers a wide range of information and resources on child health topics including: ADHD, autism, breastfeeding, car safety seats, developmental stages, immunizations and obesity.

Child Health Specialty Clinics
The Child Health Specialty Clinics works to improve the health, development and well-being of children and youth with special health care needs. Some of their services include: coordination of care for families, family support, continuity of care, autism program and child health.  The site will provide a listing of the regional CHSC and the parent consultants at each regional center. 

Healthy Families Line
This is a toll free line that provides information to parents on topics including: immunizations for children, prenatal/maternal health, infant/child health, domestic abuse, adolescent health, pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, child care and much more.  

Kids Health
Provides information for kids, teenagers and parents on health issues. 

Local Child Health Agencies
There are 24agencies that provide child health services in all 99 counties for children and youth ages 0 to 21. The child health clinics provide the following screening services: history, physical examinations, vision and hearing screening, dental education and referral, health education, immunizations, developmental assessment, nutrition and psychosocial screening and laboratory tests including lead screening.

Local Maternal Health Agencies
There are24 local based maternal health clinics that provide prenatal and postpartum care to Medicaid eligible and other low income women. Services include medical and dental assessment, health and nutrition education, psychosocial screening and referral, care coordination, assistance with plans for delivery and postpartum home visiting.

Iowa Immunization Law
Provides information on the current immunization laws.