Professional Development Learning Teams

Priority Areas for Leadership Teams:

  1. Professional Standards will specify qualifications that address levels and content of education as well as ongoing development.

  2. Career Pathways will be clearly defined through easily recognizable pathways that support the continuous professional development progress of individuals and will be linked to appropriate compensation.

  3. Articulation – Early Childhood professionals will be able to move seamlessly through and across undergraduate and graduate degree programs, ideally without a loss of credits.  Effective articulation will assist in creating career pathways and building capacity to meet required professional standards.

  4. Data will be collected, shared and aligned across sectors.  Data collected will be used to inform systems planning, evaluation, quality assurance and accountability. 

Priority Areas will address the four principles of: integration; quality assurance; diversity, inclusion and access; and compensation parity.



Early Learning
Special Needs/Early Intervention
Family Support
Health, Mental Health, and Nutrition