Coordinated Intake


State Coordinated Intake

The Iowa Family Support Network, formerly known as Early ACCESS Iowa,  provides a coordinated intake and referral system to assist families, child healthcare providers, and other professionals with information and support, as well as linkages to resources for young children ages zero to five.  Families, child healthcare providers, and other professionals have access to a toll free phone number to make referrals and obtain information about family support services, group based services, and IDEA Part C early intervention known as Early ACCESS, and other community supports in Iowa. Information specialists are available via telephone Monday – Friday 8 am-6 pm 1-888-IAKIDS1 (1-888-425-4371).

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State Templates/Examples


Local Coordinated Intake

Early Childhood Iowa Area boards shall require all family support programs in their community to participate in the implementation of a coordinated intake process by July 1, 2015.  (Tool FF).  This may be done through the state level intake system or through a system developed locally.  The purpose of the coordinated intake process is to ensure:

The following local resources/templates are provided as examples only.  The posting of these documents does not serve as an endorsement.  If you have questions regarding the forms or would like to access them in a more useable format, please contact the program identified on the form or the ECI Area Director in the county in which the program resides.  They will be able to assist you in connecting with the originator of the form.  You can access ECI Area Director contact information on this web site by county, at the following link,


Local Templates/Examples