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When clicking on any of the links below, you will be leaving the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board's state-sponsored web site. All content and opinions expressed on the following pages are those of the page owner. The Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed therein.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)


Candidates who appear on television and radio, even when not advocating for their campaigns, may be subject to FCC regulations such as the equal time doctrine.  Candidates should consult the FCC materials here:  The applicable federal statutes and FCC rules are found here:


Federal Election Commission (FEC)


This federal agency oversees all federal campaigns and federal campaign issues. The website is


U.S. Office of Special Counsel (Hatch Act)


Part of this agency's duties is to oversee the Hatch Act as it applies to state and local governmental employees who are principally employed in connection with programs financed by federal government grants, when those employees want to become involved in poitical activities. Federal Advisory Opinions and other resources regarding the Hatch Act may be found here:


IRS Tax Law on Political Activities by Charities


This site contains information that concerns what political activities charities can engage in under appropriate federal taxation guidelines. You will find them at this website:


Federal/State Election Directory


This link lists agencies and officials in the U.S. that have roles in the election process. The link is


This link goes to a site that organizes and collects/updates information regarding county offices in all fifty states.  The link is


This link also goes to a site that organizes and collect/updates information regarding legal system contact information on both a local and national level.


This link features jail directories, public records, court clerks


This link features inmate finders, warrant lookups, student and faculty records, government employee directory, court cases, attorney and legal counsel directory, organization members, more


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