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Information for County Auditors


This page has information provided for use by County Auditors and others who wish to have the latest updates and handouts with regard to county and local committees.


Please call or email the Board with any questions or concerns you may have. If you click on the left, under "staff", you will find the contacts. Any one of the Board's staff will be willing to help with any matter that may need attention.


The first link below goes to our County Auditor's letter for handout. Please distribute freely.



This link goes to a page that has a general information handout available. Please print these out and distribute. The Board will strive to keep these updated, and there is one for each different type of committee.

This link goes to to the page for a complete listing of all of available brochures.

This link goes to an Adobe slideshow regarding Candidate Committees at the County and local level.

These links go to the main index page for each committee type listed. You may find it useful to copy and paste a link to persons inquiring about a specific office or type of election.



The links on each of the pages above contain frequently asked questions, common errors, information regarding that specific type of candidate and more.