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Political Party Committee Forms


These forms can be printed (downloaded) blank OR the screen can be filled in at this site and then printed.  Use the tab key to move through the form and the enter key for additional lines in the address field.  After filling in and printing, use the Reset button for a new blank form.  THE FILLED IN FORMS CANNOT BE SAVED TO YOUR COMPUTER.  THIS IS FOR PAPER FILERS ONLY! Starting May 1, 2010, all statements and reports for State Parties except Building Fund Accounts reports and Income Tax Checkoff reports must be filed electronically.


Monetary Receipt State Party Building Fund Accounts

Monetary Receipt Income Tax Checkoff


The rest of these reports are required to be filed electronically. The pdf form is here is for informational use only. Please contact the Board if you need assistance in filing these electronically.

Statement of Organization Statement of Organization (Form DR-1)

Disclosure ReportDisclosure Summary (Form DR-2)

Monetary ReceiptMonetary Receipts (Schedule A)

Monetary Expenditures Monetary Expenditures (Schedule B)

Incurred Indebtedness Incurred Indebtedness (Schedule D)

In Kind ContributionsIn-Kind Contributions (Schedule E)

Loan Received and Repaid Loans Received &Repaid/Schedule F

Consultant Activity Consultant Service (Schedule G)

Campaign Property Campaign Property (Schedule H)



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