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2006 Session Function Reports*

Click on the name of the sponsor to view the report.

Function Date
01/09/2006 Greater Des Moines Partnership
01/10/2006 Agribusiness Associates
01/10/2006 Iowa Institute for Cooperatives
01/10/2006 "Welcome Back" Committee
01/10/2006 Iowa Biotechnology Association
01/10/2006 Iowa Association of Electric Coops
01/11/2006 Iowa Taxpayers Association
01/11/2006 Association of Business & Industry
01/11/2006 Des Moines University
01/12/2006 Board of Regents
01/17/2006 Department of Cultural Affairs
01/17/2006 Clean Air for Everyone
01/18/2006 Department of Natural Resources
01/18/2006 Easter Seals of Iowa
01/19/2006 Iowa Medical Society
01/19/2006 Iowa Corrections Association
01/19/2006 Conservation Districts of Iowa
01/23/2006 Principal Financial Group
01/24/2006 Iowa Lumber Association
01/24/2006 Home Builders Association
01/24/2006 Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
01/24/2006 Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors
01/24/2006 Board of Regents
01/25/2006 Iowa Pork Producers
01/25/2006 Iowa Pork Producers
01/25/2006 Iowa Academy of Family Physicians
01/26/2006 Department of Transportation
01/30/2006 Iowa Business Council
01/31/2006 Iowa/Nebraska Primary Care Association
01/31/2006 Iowa Environmental Council
02/01/2006 Iowa Emergency Medical Services Association
02/01/2006 Iowa Osteopathic Medical Association
02/01/2006 Greater Cedar Valley Alliance
02/01/2006 Iowa/Nebraska Farm Equipment
02/01/2006 Hy-Vee, Inc
02/02/2006 March of Dimes
02/02/2006 Iowa Catholic Conference
02/06/2006 Iowa Optometric Association
02/06/2006 Professional Developers of Iowa (PDI)
02/07/2006 Goodwill Industries
02/07/2006 Iowa Credit Union League
02/07/2006 Insurance Day on the Hill
02/07/2006 SEIU (Iowa for Health Care)
02/08/2006 MasterBuilders of Iowa
02/08/2006 Polk County Medical Society
02/08/2006 ABATE PAC
02/08/2006 Iowa Bankers Association
02/08/2006 Iowa Public Television
02/09/2006 AARP


Broadlawns Medical Center
02/14/2006 Greater Des Moines Partnership & Biosciences Alliance
02/14/2006 Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault
02/14/2006 Union Pacific
02/14/2006 Iowa Association of Nurse Anesthetists
02/15/2006 Iowa Society for Respiratory Care
02/15/2006 Iowa Institute for Cooperatives
02/15/2006 Iowa Chamber Alliance
02/15/2006 Iowa Association of Homes & Services for the Aging
02/15/2006 Associated Builders & Contractors of Iowa
02/16/2006 Missouri River Energy Sources
02/16/2006 Iowa Association of Regional Councils
02/16/2006 Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
02/16/2006 American Heart Association
02/18/2006 Department of Natural Resources
02/21/2006 Iowa Association of Realtors
02/22/2006 Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operators
02/22/2006 Iowa Hospital Association
02/22/2006 Iowa Beverage Association
02/23/2006 Iowa Physical Therapy Association
02/23/2006 Iowa Nurses Association
02/27/2006 Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO (multiple reception dates attached)
03/01/2006 Iowa Gaming Association
03/01/2006 Iowa Farm Bureau Association

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives

03/07/2006 Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association
03/07/2006 Iowa Board of Regents
03/08/2006 Iowa Public Airports Association
03/08/2006 Iowa Library Association
03/08/2006 Iowa Biotechnology Association
03/09/2006 NASW, Iowa Chapter
03/13/2006 Iowa Telecom
03/14/2006 Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce
03/14/2006 Iowa Golf Course Owners Association
03/14/2006 Iowa Board of Regents
03/15/2006 Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce
03/20/2006 Iowa State Association of Counties
03/20/2006 Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service
03/21/2006 Iowa Department for the Blind
03/21/2006 Iowa Association of Nurse Practioners & Iowa Nurse Practioner Society
03/21/2006 Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce
03/22/2006 Iowa Rural Water Association
03/22/2006 Iowa Association of Water Agencies
03/28/2006 Okoboji Tourism
03/28/2006 Iowa Health Care Association
03/28/2006 AARP
03/30/2006 Iowa Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs
04/03/2006 Bob Wersen, sponsor
04/03/2006 Iowa Healthcare Access Network
04/04/2006 Iowa Catholic Conference & Iowa Association of Christian Schools
04/04/2006 Iowa Association of Independent Colleges & Universities
04/05/2006 Iowa Bankers Association
04/25/2006 March of Dimes

*This page is being updated to include the reports filed at the general assembly. Those links will open directly on the legislature's web site.