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12. Comprehensive Career Criminal & Drug Prosecution Support Program (CCC&DPSP)

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorneys Training Coordinator, a division of the Attorney General's Office, receives federal money from the Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy (ODCP) to fund the Comprehensive Career Criminal & Drug Prosecution Support Program (CCC&DPSP). The CCC&DPSP is staffed by one full-time attorney, one part-time secretary, and a part-time law-school intern. The unit performs several functions:

  • Technical Assistance. The program provides technical research assistance and guidance to drug task force prosecutors. In addition, CCC&DPSP often provides technical assistance to prosecuting attorneys, assistant prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement agencies on a variety of drug-related issues, including forfeiture. In addition, the CCC&DPSP attorney prosecutes a variety of drug-related offenses and forfeitures. This attorney also works closely with the Iowa Division of Narcotic Enforcement on investigative matters and serves on an Advisory Board for two large multi-county drug enforcement task forces.
  • Training. Each year, two or three one-day workshops are held to review drug investigation techniques. The agenda covers topics such as search, seizure and forfeiture review, investigation strategies, report writing, testifying in court, drug identification, meth lab recognition, current case law updates and other drug-related issues. Approximately 200 law enforcement officers and 20 to 30 prosecutors attend these events. The program attorney often makes presentations at county attorney training conferences on search and seizure, forfeiture, and special issues in drug enforcement. This attorney also travels throughout the state upon the request of local law enforcement groups to speak to them on topics related to drug enforcement.
  • Publications. The program publishes and distributes the periodic "Drug Enforcement Update" newsletter to approximately 650 prosecuting attorneys, assistant prosecuting attorneys, and drug task force officers. This newsletter summarizes Federal and Iowa Supreme Court and Iowa Court of Appeals decisions that pertain to drug offenses and related topics. Two to three issues are published annually. The program also produces a comprehensive "Search & Seizure Manual" which is provided in CD-ROM form to each county and to many other law enforcement agencies. The Manual is updated annually.
  • The CCC&DPSP attorney also acts as the wiretap coordinator for the Iowa Department of Justice.