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Crime Victim Compensation

If you or a loved one has suffered personal injury from a violent crime, the Crime Victim Compensation Program may be able to help. The Compensation Program helps victims with certain out-of-pocket expenses related to injuries from violent crime and is funded entirely by fines and penalties paid by criminals (not by taxpayers).

The program pays for crime-related expenses such as medical care, counseling, lost wages, and funeral expenses (when costs are not covered by insurance or other sources).  The program can also pay for crime-scene clean-up, replacement of clothing held as evidence, replacement of security items, child or dependent care, and travel.

The application process is simple.  Applications are accepted through the mail or by telephone.  The Crime Victim Compensation Program cannot erase the painful memories of a crime, but hopefully it can help a crime victim's recovery and ease the financial burden caused by the crime.

Who Can Get Help?

  • Crime Victims who are physically or emotionally injured in a violent crime in Iowa.
  • Crime Victims injured in crimes of drunk, hit and run, or recklessness driving or boating; vehicular homicide, or the use of a vehicle as a weapon.
  • A victim’s spouse, children, parents, siblings, and person(s) residing in the household at the time of the crime.
  • Survivors of a homicide victim.
  • Iowans injured by a violent crime in a state or nation without a federally approved crime victim compensation program.

What Must I Do to Get Help?

  • You must report the crime to the appropriate local law enforcement agency within 72 hours, unless there is a just cause for not doing so.
  • You must apply to the program within 2 years of the date of the crime, or show good cause for the delay.
  • You must NOT have consented to, provoked, or incited the crime committed against you.
  • You must NOT have been attempting, assisting, or committing a criminal act at the time of the crime that directly caused your injuries.

How Long Will it Take?

It takes an average of 8 to 10 weeks to determine an applicant's eligibility for the program.  Law Enforcement reports, employer verification, and medical and counseling bills must be gathered by the program prior to paying the expenses.  Payments will be made when all required information is received.  Once payment has been made, the program will seek restitution (repayment) from the offender, unless doing so will threaten the safety of the victim.

What are Covered Costs?

The program can pay your crime related bills not covered by insurance or other sources.  You may be assisted with out-of-pocket costs up to the amounts listed below.


Maximum Payment

Lost Wages**


Crime Related Injuries


Homicide Victim Survivors


Medical or Counseling Appointments


Court or Justice Proceedings


Loss of Support for Dependents




Victim or Survivor Counseling


Secondary Victim Counseling




Medical Care for Victims


Medical Car for Homicide Survivors




Funeral and Burial


Residential Crime Scene Clean-up


Replace Clothing/Bedding Held as Evidence


Child Care Required for Court or Medical


Crime Related Travel


Replacement of Home Security Items


* The program cannot pay for property loss, property repair, legal fees, phone bills, meals, or pain and suffering.

** More than 2 weeks of wage loss requires a disability statement from a medical provider or a licensed mental health provider, and a showing of ongoing care.

For Help…

  • Complete an application, sign all three releases, and return it to the Crime Victim Compensation Program.
  • After reviewing the application, we may request additional information.
  • You do not need a lawyer to receive program benefits.

Crime Victim Compensation Application

Click here to download a PDF format Primary Victim Application in English.
Click here to download a PDF format Primary Victim Application in Spanish.
Click here to download a PDF format Homicide Survivor Application in English.
Click here to download a PDF format Secondary Victim Application in English.

Contact Information

To obtain additional information, call the toll free number or email our Victim Advocate Mary Kay Bartine.

Iowa Attorney General’s Office
Crime Victim Assistance Division
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Phone:             515-281-5044
Toll-Free:         800-373-5044
FAX:                515-281-8199

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