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CVAD Staff Directory



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Janelle Melohn, MPA
Director, Crime Victim Assistance Janelle.Melohn@iowa.gov
Anne Thomas
Crime Victim Compensation and
SAE Administrator
Rhonda Dean
Victim Rights Coordinator Rhonda.Dean@iowa.gov
Ruth Walker
Restitution Coordinator Ruth.Walker@iowa.gov
Mary Kay Bartine
Victim Advocate MaryKay.Bartine@iowa.gov
Kim Kluxdal
Compensation Specialist Kim.Kluxdal@iowa.gov
Melissa Miller
Compensation Specialist Melissa.Miller@iowa.gov
Sonja Morris
Compensation Specialist Sonja.Morris@iowa.gov
Monica VandenBranden
Compensation Specialist Monica.VandenBranden@iowa.gov
Shonna Swain
Compensation Specialist Shonna.Swain@iowa.gov
Lisa Bickelhaupt
Compensation Specialist Lisa.Bickelhaupt@iowa.gov
Stacey Anderson
Compensation Specialist Stacey.Anderson@iowa.gov
Aaron Koch
Compensation Specialist Aaron.Koch@iowa.gov
Kirstin Isenhart
Compensation Specialist Kirstin.Isenhart@iowa.gov
Julie Solis-Alvarado
Compensation Specialist Julie.Solis-Alvarado@iowa.gov
Donna Phillips
Victim Services Support Program and ICRT Administrator Donna.Phillips@iowa.gov
Kristi Hill, CPA
Division Accountant Kristi.Hill@iowa.gov
Grace Armstrong
Division Accounting Technician Grace.Armstrong@iowa.gov
Shirley Davis
Community Specialist Shirley.Davis@iowa.gov
Julie Schulenberg
Community Specialist Julie.Schulenberg@iowa.gov
Luana Nelson-Brown
Community Specialist Luana.Nelson-Brown@iowa.gov
Rebecca Garcia
Community Specialist Rebecca.Garcia@iowa.gov
Rebecca Crawford
Division Secretary Becky.Crawford@iowa.gov
Becky Bell
Division Secretary Becky.Bell@iowa.gov
Brenda Hernandez Division Secretary Brenda Hernandez@iowa.gov


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