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Law Clerkships General Information

The Iowa Attorney Generalís Office values the contributions made by law clerks. The office works with law
schools at the University of Iowa and Drake University as well as law schools outside the state, to ensure
that law clerks are given the best experience possible and receive appropriate academic credit for their

The office benefits substantially from the work done by student law clerks as well and from the
contributions these students make to the vitality of the office.

A number of unpaid law clerk positions are available to 1st and 2nd year law students. A limited number of
paid law clerk positions are available to 2nd year law students. Positions are available year-round, although
many law clerks work seasonally --- particularly during the summer months.

Clerkships are available in the following areas of practice: Administrative Law Division, Area Prosecutions
Division, Consumer Protection Division, Criminal Appeals Division, Department of Human Services Division, Environmental Law Division, Revenue Division, Tobacco Enforcement Unit, Tort Claims Division.

2013 Summer Internships

           The Iowa Attorney Generalís Office is seeking 1st and 2nd year law students for 2013 summer
internships. The Office is unable to offer paid internships for 1st year students and has a limited number of
paid internships for 2nd year students. Recent interns have found the summer intern experience at the
AGís office very educational and rewarding. The Office has slots for 10 - 15 summer interns.


1st year students.   Interns who have just completed their first year in law school commonly are involved
in the following types of projects:

  1. Traditional legal research memoranda.

  2. Drafting pleadings and briefs for filing with administrative bodies, district courts, and appellate courts.

  3. Organizing files for criminal, district court, or administration proceedings, including spotting
    legal and factual issues, related research, and collaborative work with the attorneys in charge.

  4. If possible, working with the lawyer during hearing preparation and the hearing.

  5. Research in connection with drafting proposed administrative rules or laws.

  6. Observing appellate arguments, with prior attendance at the “mock argument” when possible.

  7. Observing hearings, trials, depositions, client meetings, depending on interest and availability.

  8. Drafting administrative rulings.

 2nd year students.   In addition to the work described above, interns in a clinical program after their
second year are also allowed to participate in hearings and arguments under the supervision of a lawyer.


Internships are available in the following divisions of the Office: 
      1.    Consumer Protection Division.  Includes duties listed above and handling consumer protection complaints.

      2.   Special Litigation Division.  Involves work on state tort, workers compensation, and employment
litigation and legal issues for the Dept. of Corrections.
      3.    Regents and Human Services Division.    Involves work on legal issues for the Board of Regents
and Dept. of Human Services (e.g. juvenile appeals, child abuse registry appeals, and employment

     4.     Licensing and Administrative Law Division.  Involves work on legal issues for a broad range of
state agencies and licensing boards.

     5.    Environmental Division.   Involves work on legal issues for the Dept. of Natural resources and
various environmental issues.

     6.    Criminal Appeals Division.   Involves legal research and drafting of criminal appeal briefs.

Interested students should send cover letter, resume, and transcript (when available) to Eric Tabor,
Chief of Staff, Iowa Attorney General’s Office, 2nd flr., Hoover Building, Des Moines, IA   50309 or
Eric.Tabor@iowa.gov not later than February 1, 2013.  Selection decisions are made
on a rolling basis.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Eric Tabor
Chief of Staff
Iowa Attorney General’s Office
Hoover State Office Building
1305 East Walnut St.
Des Moines, Iowa 50319