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McCarthy to Rejoin Iowa Attorney General’s Office

(DES MOINES, Iowa)  Iowa Attorney General Miller today announced that Kevin McCarthy will be rejoining the Attorney General’s Office on August 16, 2013.  McCarthy announced earlier today that, effective August 15, 2013, he is stepping down as Minority Leader of the Iowa House of Representatives and resigning from the Iowa General Assembly.

“I am delighted that Kevin McCarthy will be coming back to my office.  Kevin has excellent experience in the law, public policy, and legislative matters.   His outstanding record of public service, commitment to professionalism, and dedication to hard work and dependability, are exactly the attributes we seek in the Attorney General’s office.   Kevin will be a great asset to the work of the office,” said Miller.

Miller said McCarthy will be concentrating in three areas:  First, McCarthy will direct a new unit working on issues concerning mental illness and how it impacts Iowa’s criminal justice system.  Second, he will help oversee the office’s elder fraud unit which, along with county attorneys, prosecutes crimes involving the financial exploitation of Iowa’s seniors.  Finally, he will lead an initiative to provide more information and resources to military service members, veterans, and their families, especially in the area of consumer protection.

 “Mental illness is a significant factor in the incidence of crime, the burdens placed on our correctional institutions, and the rates of criminal recidivism. Kevin will bring together stakeholders in the criminal justice system and work to advance the discussion on how Iowa can best address these issues,” Miller said. “My staff has a well-deserved reputation of leading the nation in efforts to stomp out consumer and criminal frauds of all types.  Kevin will be a valuable addition to do even more in the way of consumer protection for the elderly and veterans,” Miller added. 

McCarthy will be paid with money received by the state from judicial consent decrees settling consumer protection lawsuits, not from the general fund.

Background on Kevin McCarthy:

Education.   Graduate of Wartburg College (1994) and Drake University Law School (1998)

Legislative Service.   Iowa House of Representatives.  2003-August 2013.

  • Democratic Majority Leader. 2006-2010.
  • Democratic Minority Leader.  2010-August-2013.
  • Ranking Member, House Public Safety Committee 2003-2006.



  • Iowa Attorney General’s Office.  

Executive Officer.  Child Support Enforcement and Consumer Protection.  1994-1999.

Assistant Attorney General.   Tobacco Enforcement.  2000-2001.

  • National Association of Attorneys General.  Tobacco Project.   Washington, D.C.  Litigation and Compliance Counsel.  2001-2002.
  • Polk County Attorney’s Office.   Assistant County Attorney.  OWI docket.  2004-2007.
  • Private law practice.   Des Moines, IA.  2007-2013.



  • Director’s Award for Distinguished Service.  Office of National Drug Control Policy.   Leadership in passing anti-methamphetamine law.    2005.
  • Matthew Shepard Leadership Award.   Leadership in passing anti-bullying law. 2007.
  • Gold Star Award.  Iowa Sheriffs’ and Deputies’ Assn.  Leadership on public safety issues.   2009.
  • Outstanding Service Award.   Iowa Healthcare Assn.   Work in improving healthcare delivery system in Iowa.   2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.