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For immediate release - Monday, August 7, 2006.

Contact Bob Brammer, Attorney General's Office -- 515-281-6699, or
Polk County Attorney John Sarcone -- 286-3737.

Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller
and Polk County Attorney John Sarcone

Resignation of Des Moines City Councilman Archie Brooks

Archie Brooks has now resigned his position on the Des Moines City Council. We appreciate his decision and think it is in the best interest of all concerned.

We originally planned to decide on our course of action regarding a removal action after the criminal investigation of Des Moines City Councilman Archie Brooks had concluded, which is our customary course of action. However, when it became clear that the investigation would be very long and complex, and that public confidence in government was being undermined, we decided that the appropriate course of action was to make a decision now regarding a possible removal action regarding Mr. Brooks.

Last week we concluded our joint review and consideration of this matter. We decided to proceed with a removal action under Iowa Code Ch. 66 on the basis of maladministration in office by Mr. Brooks.

We contacted Mr. Brooks' attorney, Tom Whitney, and told him of our decision. We considered any legal or factual arguments Mr. Whitney wanted to make on behalf of his client, and then we informed Mr. Whitney that we planned to proceed with a removal action.


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