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For immediate release - Friday, December 10, 2004.

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Comment of Attorney General Tom Miller

On Polk County Proposed Ordinance to Restrict Meth-Precursor Sales

Comment of the Attorney General's Office:

Friday, December 10, 2004

Polk County officials contacted our office on the issue of preemption.

I strongly support local restrictions on selling meth precursors -- it is a good start, and good local efforts like this just demonstrate that the Legislature needs to enact such restrictions statewide.

The dramatic results from similar regulations are more and more clear. Restrictions make it harder for meth cookers to get the crucial ingredients. That leads to fewer meth labs, fewer kids exposed to dangerous meth ingredients, and more time for law enforcement to tackle other important problems.

This initiative will encourage still more cities and counties to take positive action to curb the meth-lab problem. And it sends a message to state lawmakers that we need to tackle this problem statewide.

Critics sometimes argue that restrictions will hamper consumers' access to cold medicines. This will give us a chance to see whether that's a problem or not.


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