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For immediate release – Monday, February 4, 2008.
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State settles another portion of TouchPlay litigation

Statement of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, February 4, 2008:

The Attorney General’s Office has reached another settlement regarding TouchPlay litigation, in this instance with Camden, Inc., and its principals, Lawrence D. Elbert and Von L. Elbert. Camden, Inc., is based in Cedar Rapids. The settlement was approved by the State Appeal Board, which met Monday afternoon in Des Moines.

After the lawsuit against the State was filed by Camden, the Iowa Lottery Authority filed a counterclaim against Camden alleging Camden did not remit to the Lottery all TouchPlay revenue due the Lottery at the end TouchPlay program. The parties have agreed to dismiss their respective lawsuits. The State also will pay Camden, Inc., $1,050,000. The State also has agreed to satisfy a claim made against Camden by Greater America Distributing, a TouchPlay litigant in a pending Polk County case. The State resolved the claim made by Greater America Distributing against Camden by paying $290,000 to Greater America Distributing.

The State has denied any wrongdoing, and the settlement acknowledges the denial of liability. (Go to settlement documents.)

Camden, Inc. was a plaintiff in the case captioned Camden, Inc. v. State of Iowa, in Linn County District Court (Consolidated Case No. LACV56422).

The Attorney General’s Office considers the resolution a fair and reasonable settlement of the litigation, in light of the complexity of the case, the potential exposure to the State, and other pending litigation involving TouchPlay.