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For immediate release – Monday, June 7, 2010.
Contact Bob Brammer – 515-281-6699, Rbrammer@ag.state.ia.us.

Statement of the Attorney General’s Office – June 7, 2010:

The jury reached a verdict early Monday afternoon, June 7, to acquit former Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin.

We alleged that Sholom Rubashkin was on notice repeatedly and he knew -- from his own management staff, from child labor investigators, and from his own eyes -- that there were scores of children working the floor of the slaughterhouse, and we alleged he ignored his obligation to do something about it.

But the jury found reasonable doubt. We respect the process, and the jury has the final say. We commend the jury for their five weeks of attention during the trial, and for their 12 hours of deliberation.

We will continue every effort to enforce the child labor laws of the State of Iowa.


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