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For immediate release - Tuesday, May 21, 2002.

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Republicans Propose 24% Cut for Iowa Department of Justice

Statement of the Attorney General's Office -- May 21, 2002:

DES MOINES.The Republican proposal would cut almost one-fourth of the Attorney General and Iowa Dept. of Justice appropriation. The proposal requires cutting $2.5 million of $10.7 million, or 24%.

This is a far deeper cut than for most other agencies and will make it much more difficult to fulfill the Attorney General's many functions. The cuts will have to come from Department of Justice appropriations that fund the Attorney General's Office, crime-victim local-program grants and other grants, and the Prosecuting Attorneys Training Council (which works closely with county attorneys regarding criminal prosecutions.)

The cuts are drastically greater than for almost any other department. Most departments face across-the-board cuts of 2.2%. The Attorney General's Office has been singled out for disproportionate and unfair treatment in the Republican proposal. There is no justification for treating the Iowa Dept. of Justice so radically differently from other agencies in state government. Justice Department cuts are about a dozen times greater than the standard cut to the majority of other state agencies.

The Attorney General's Office, like so many other agencies, already has suffered major cuts over the last couple years. Staff already is down and positions are vacant, but our duties and caseload remain as high or higher than ever. The department certainly will do its share to solve the budget shortfall, but these extraordinarily deep new cuts will seriously undermine the ability of the department to effectively fulfill all its functions.

The Attorney General supports the Governor's call to shift a modest share of the billion-dollar road construction fund - one of the few programs not affected at all by budget cuts -- in order to meet many other crucial budget priorities that already have suffered major cuts.

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