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For immediate release Monday, May 5, 2008.
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State settles with another TouchPlay litigant

Statement of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office:

The Attorney General’s Office has reached a settlement with International Gamco, Inc., a manufacturer of TouchPlay machines based in Omaha, Nebraska. The settlement was approved by the State Appeal Board, which met Monday afternoon in Des Moines. Go to:  Settlement Agreement and Release

Under the settlement, the state will pay $250,000 to Gamco and Gamco will give up all its claims and dismiss its portion of the lawsuit. Gamco, as part of the settlement agreement, acknowledges the state’s denial of liability and that the settlement does not constitute any admission of liability or wrongdoing. The state also will return two monitor vending machines to Gamco that had been in the Lottery’s possession for testing.

Gamco was one plaintiff in the Siggins et al lawsuit, joining the suit December 21, 2006. Numerous plaintiffs remain in that suit, and trial has been set for Sept. 8, 2008.

The Attorney General’s Office considers the resolution a fair and reasonable settlement of the litigation, in light of the complexity of the case, the potential exposure to the State, and other pending litigation involving TouchPlay.

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