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For immediate release - Friday, November 9, 2001. Contact Marti Anderson -- 515-480-5296 (cell in New York)

Fourth Iowa Crisis Response Team Serving in New York City Area

DES MOINES. Members of Iowa's fourth Crisis Response Team are now stationed at the World Trade Center site in New York City. Others are serving again at the Family Assistance Center in Jersey City, NJ, across the Hudson River from the WTC site.

The sixteen Iowans flew to the New York City area on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 and will return November 10. All are members of the overall Iowa Crisis Response Team (ICRT), about sixty Iowans organized by Attorney General Tom Miller's Crime Victim Assistance Division and trained to help communities recover especially from the emotional trauma of crime-related disasters.

Four Iowa teams already have served or are serving at the request of the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). Teams serve for about a week. The first three teams consisted respectively of nine, ten, and seven Iowans. The current team has sixteen members, six in New York City and ten in New Jersey. NOVA has asked for three more Iowa teams of 5-10 persons each to serve in the remaining weeks of November.

The Iowans serving in New Jersey are working with survivors and victims who come to the Family Assistance Center, a "one-stop" service area for families and survivors of about 1500 persons from New Jersey killed or missing in the Sept. 11 attack.

The Iowans serving now in NYC were asked by NOVA to set up for the first time a respite center for the construction workers at "Ground Zero" who are sifting and removing rubble at the site. The NY team members also are working at NOVA NYC headquarters and conducting "debriefings" for victims and survivors and others affected by the disaster.

Members of the Fourth Iowa Crisis Response team serving in NY and NJ are:

New York City team members:

Alison Whall, Des Moines, AG's Crime Victim Assistance Division, NY Team Leader

Kirstin Lippincott, Des Moines, Crime Victim Assistance Division, Team Manager

Marti Anderson, Des Moines, social worker, Director of Crime Victim Assistance Division

Ginny Naso, Iowa City, Associate Director, United Action for Youth

Matthew Peterson, Davenport, Residential Officer, 7th Judicial Dept. of Corrections

Sandra McGee, Des Moines, social worker, Violent Crimes Counselor, Polk County Victim Services

New Jersey team members:

Sara McMillan, Des Moines, social worker, Sexual Assault Counselor, Polk County Victim Services, Team Leader

Rebecca Strom, Des Moines, EMT, Team Manager

Katie Kuhr, Des Moines, Crime Victim Assistance Division

Mary McCoy, Des Moines, Sexual Assault Counselor, Polk County Victim Services

Sheri Floyd, Des Moines, social worker, Crime Victim Assistance Division

Judy Pancratz, Davenport, Guidance Counselor, Davenport Schl. Dist., Sudlow Intermediate School

Ruth Wright, Des Moines, social worker, Crime Victim Assistance Division

Carol Zeimet, Adel, Director, Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center

Vivian VanVleet, Des Moines, Federal Victim Witness Coordinator, U.S.Attorney Office So. Dist.

Suzan Brooks, Des Moines, attorney

Several of the Fourth Team members served on earlier teams in NY and NJ.

[Note: if you would like to contact a team member now in NYC and NJ, please call Marti Anderson at 515-480-5296, cell phone in New York. Also note: for information about Iowa's earlier crisis response teams, please see news releases at the Attorney General's web site: www.IowaAttorneyGeneral.org (click on "news and publications.")]

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