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Statement of
the Attorney General's Office
on Guilty Plea and Sentencing of Howard Myers
of Webster City

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Following is a statement of the Attorney General's Office:

Howard Myers, a Webster City attorney, entered guilty pleas Tuesday to three counts of first-degree theft (class C felonies), and one count of second-degree theft (a class D felony.) Myers, age 66, asked the court to be sentenced immediately.

District Court Judge Ronald Schechtman, Chief Judge of the 2nd Judicial District, sentenced Myers to three terms of up to ten years in prison for each of the three first-degree theft convictions, and up to five years in prison for the second-degree theft conviction. Schechtman ordered that the terms be served concurrently. It is expected that Myers will begin serving his sentence after a restitution hearing on November 5.

Schechtman ordered Myers to pay a fine of $24,050. Schechtman also ordered Myers to pay restitution to his victims. The final amount of restitution still is to be determined, but is expected to exceed $500,000.

Myers faced criminal charges made by the Attorney General's Office alleging theft from a 92-year-old client over whom Myers had power of attorney and who resides in a nursing home in Story City, and from the Ramona Russell and Helen Anderson trusts. The beneficiary of one of the trusts is Calvary Baptist Church of Webster City.

Myers also agreed to surrender his law license at the time he entered his plea. The plea and sentence were entered yesterday in Hamilton County District Court in Webster City.

The Attorney General's Office was asked by the Hamilton County Attorney to serve in the role of prosecutor to avoid a potential conflict of interest.

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