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Statement of the Attorney General's Office on the

Atty. Generalís Office Files Petition Asking Court to Remove Dallas County Sheriff Brian Gilbert from Office

Statement of the Attorney General's Office:

The Attorney General’s Office filed a “Petition for Removal from Office” today in Dallas County District Court asking the Court to remove Brian Gilbert from the office of Sheriff of Dallas County.

Judge Arthur Gamble set a hearing on the matter to begin at 9 a.m. Monday, October 16.

The Petition for Removal states that Gilbert should be removed for several reasons: willful or habitual neglect or refusal to perform the duties of the office of Sheriff, willful misconduct or maladministration in the office of Sheriff, and corruption in the office of Sheriff.

In support of the allegations, the petition cites a State Auditor’s report issued today. The petition enumerates various situations regarding the handling of large sums of money and other evidence in the Sheriff’s office, including a sum of money seized by Dallas County authorities during a traffic stop on Wednesday, March 15, 2006.

The removal action is brought under Chapter 66 of the Code of Iowa, which specifies reasons and processes for how public officials may be removed from office by the court.

The State Auditorís report is available at their web site,www.auditor.iowa.gov.

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