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For immediate release -- September 19, 2000.
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Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller in Support of Renewing the U.S. Violence Against Women Act

Des Moines, Iowa--Comment of Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller:

Count me as a strong supporter of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

The VAWA Act plays a very important role in Iowa's ability to tackle the terrible problems of sexual assault, domestic abuse and stalking. It is crucial in our efforts to prevent such violence, to serve the victims and their families, and to prosecute the perpetrators.

VAWA brings about $1.6 million per year to Iowa for law enforcement, prosecutors, and victim services. For example, the funds have supported prosecution and training efforts by our office for the past five years. Iowa had the first program in which assistant state attorneys general are cross-designated also as assistant U.S. attorneys, which enables them to proceed either in federal or state courts. We are using every tool we can that the VAWA Act makes available to us.

Iowa Assistant Attorney General Laura Roan - whose position is funded by VAWA - is a very important resource for county attorneys. She prosecutes some of the most difficult cases herself, and she provides training to county attorneys and local law enforcement on preventing and prosecuting violence against women in our communities. Laura would be here today except that she is in Eldora for the sentencing of a man who kidnaped and assaulted his girlfriend - in the presence of their four-year-old child. Laura tried the case. That is the kind of effort we will lose if Congress fails to renew the Violence Against Women Act.

I strongly urge Congress to reauthorize and fund the Violence Against Women Act and the invaluable programs it makes possible.

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