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2002 Consumer News Releases

December 2002

12-31-02 Credit Card Company Agrees to Protect Consumers on Telemarketers' Solicitations.
12-20-02 Miller: Ford Motor Co. Will Pay $51.5 Million in Nationwide Settlement With Attorneys General.
12-19-02 Miller: BP Amoco Strengthens Policies to Prevent Tobacco Sales to Kids.
12-16-02 Miller: All Fifty States Join Settlement with Household Finance.

November 2002

11-29-02 States Will Not Appeal in Microsoft Case.
11-26-02 State Sues Initiators of Alleged Illegal Pyramid Scheme.

October 2002

10-31-02 Miller: Block Satellite TV Merger that Would Harm Rural Customers and Reduce Choice for all Iowans.
10-22-02 Attorney General Sues Cutty's Camping Club.
10-18-02 Miller Urges Iowans to Beware of Deceptive Solicitation Disguised as a Bill from Qwest.
10-11-02 Miller: Iowa's Share of Household Settlement Could Reach about $1.3 Million.

September 2002

9-30-02 States Settle Case that Alleged Record Industry Thwarted Competition in Compact Disc Sales.
9-10-02 Warren County Man Ordered to Pay $332,000 for Selling Fraudulent Investments to Older Iowans.
9-6-02 States Allege Antitrust Violations by Salton, Inc. on "George Foreman Contact Grills".

August 2002

8-13-02 ExxonMobil Taking Strong Action to Block Tobacco Sales to Children.
8-7-02 State Sues Bristol-Myers Squibb Alleging Antitrust.

July 2002

7-26-02 Miller: Eli Lilly & Co. Agrees to Safeguards for Consumers' Personal Information.
7-11-02 Miller: Sweepstakes Victims Will Receive Almost $1 Million in Refunds.

June 2002

6-17-02 Miller: Drug Company Paying $1.26 Million to 3,619 Iowans for Rx Drug Overcharges.

May 2002

5-9-02 State and U.S. Cellular Settle Lawsuit.

April 2002

4-15-02 Tobacco Industry Paying $46 Million to Iowa Tobacco Settlement Authority Today.
4-03-02 Miller: Provide Adequate Funding for Iowa's Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Program.

March 2002

3-29-02 Miller: Use Caution on "Free Trial Offers" by Telemarketers.
3-14-02 Miller Sues Used Car Dealer for not Disclosing Prior Damage and Missing Air Bags.

February 2002

02-25-02 Miller: Long Distance Companies Agree to Disclose Key Information in Ads.
02-15-02 Federal Courts Clear Way for Attorney General to Proceed on Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against U.S. Cellular.
2-13-02 Miller: Walgreens Taking Strong Steps to Block Tobacco Sales to Children.

January 2002

01-25-02 Miller: Give Iowans a Key Consumer Protection Tool; "Iowa consumers should have a 'private right of action' like consumers in every other state," Miller says.
1-16-02 Statement of Attorney General Tom Miller on Qwest Policies for Sharing Account Information.
1-02-02 Miller: Caution on "Warranty USA".