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2006 Consumer News Releases

December 2006

12-13-06 Consumer Advocate: Beware of Long Distance Charges by “Buzz Telecom”.

12-12-06 Trilegiant to Make Refunds in “Free-trial-offer” Discount Club Case.

November 2006

11-02-06 Court Orders Vision Improvement Technologies to End Sales of "See Clearly Method" Kit.

October 2006

10-24-06 Movie Company Adding Anti-smoking PSA to Newest DVD Release.

10-18-06 Ameriquest Settlement Web Site and Toll-Free Number Available.

10-11-06 Miller: R.J. Reynolds Agrees to Stop Sales of Flavored Cigarettes.

10-05-06 Miller Sues John Davis and Christine Frank.

September 2006

09-12-06 Miller: Ohio Company Must Change Used-Car Auto Advertising: Marketing provided ads for dealers' "sales events" that falsely implied that vehicles were from rental car company bankruptcies, or used other false premises.

July 2006

07-18-06 States Allege Price-Fixing by Computer Memory Chip Makers.

07-10-06 Miller: Lorillard Tobacco Agrees to Steps to Reduce Illegal Internet Cigarette Sales.

June 2006

06-8-06 "People to People Student Ambassador" Program Agrees to Modify Representations About How Students are "Selected" for International Travel.

May 2006

05-15-06 Miller Sues MemberWorks, Inc.
05-11-06 Iowa Asks Court for Order to Ensure Full Tobacco Payments.

March 2006

03-24-06 $48,000 Awarded to Cancer Organizations from Anti-Trust Case.
03-22-06 Court Okays Largest Consumer Restitution in Iowa History.
03-21-06 Time Inc. is Required to Reform its Magazine Sales Practices.

February 2006

02-23-06 Temporary Injunction Issued Against "See Clearly Method" Company -- Vision Improvement Technologies.
02-08-06 State Treasurer Sues to Obtain Iowans' Uncashed Rebate Checks.

January 2006

01-23-06 Miller: Ameriquest Will Pay $325 Million and Reform its Lending Practices.