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2008 Consumer News Releases

December 2008

12-24-08 Beware of “Grandparent Scam”.
12-18-08 Pronto Market Pays $15,000 Penalty.
12-18-08 MillerCoors to Discontinue “Sparks” and All “Alcoholic Energy Drinks”.
12-15-08 Mattel Pays $12 Million to States in Settlement Concerning Lead Paint in Toys.
12-4-08 “Iowa Mortgage Help” Receives Additional $766,925 to Support Outstanding Progress.
12-2-08 Florida Telemarketer Pays Full Restitution to 227 Iowans.

November 2008

11-29-08 Federal Court Reverses National Indian Gaming Commission on Ponca Tribe Parcel in Carter Lake.
11-26-08 A.G. Warns College Students: Beware of Counterfeit-Check “Grant Scam”.
11-21-08 Miller Urges FTC to Strengthen “Used Car Rule”.
11-20-08 Miller: Cigarette Consumption at Lowest Level Since Before 1950.
11-19-08 Miller: Iowans Receiving Refunds from Businesses that Deceived Older Iowans.
11-14-08 Professional Fundraiser Company Ordered Not to Make Deceptive Calls in Iowa.
11-6-08 “Craigslist” Agrees to Crack Down on Inappropriate Content and Illegal Activity in “Erotic Services” Section.

October 2008

10-22-08 States Reach Settlement with Pfizer over Marketing of Drug Bextra.
10-20-08 Iowa Attorney General Joins Lawsuit to Block Merger of Big Beef Processors.
10-9-08 Shell Oil Agrees to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors.
10-8-08 States Reach Landmark Settlement with Eli Lilly & Co. over Marketing of Drug “Zyprexa”.
10-6-08 Miller: AGs Reach Agreement with Countrywide Financial that Will Help Almost 400,000 Borrowers Facing Foreclosure.

September 2008

9-29-08 Foreclosure Prevention Efforts Declining and “Disappointing,” State Officials Say
9-12-08 State Seeks Suspension or Revocation of Liquor license of Fro’s in Wilton, Iowa.
9-4-08 State Seeks Suspension or Revocation of Liquor license of Otis Campbell’s Bar & Grill in West Burlington: Repeated violations alleged of Iowa Smokefree Air Act.

August 2008

8-18-08 State Lawsuit: Pronto Markets in Sumner and Fairbank Sold E85 Blended Fuel as Unleaded Regular or 10% Ethanol Fuel.
8-14-08 Mortgage Lenders Offer Assistance to Disaster Victims.

July 2008

7-16-08 Beware of Phony “Utility” Calls Rushing You to Make a Credit Card Payment.
7-2-08 MoneyGram Agrees to Help Thwart “Wire-Transfer Scams”.
7-1-08 A.G. Sues “United Youth Careers” in Des Moines.

June 2008

6-30-08 Attorney General Sues Profit Alliance, Inc., Johnathan Ahlf & Kristen Lain (Ahlf).
6-26-08 Anheuser-Busch to Discontinue All “Alcoholic Energy Drinks”.
6-24-08 Alert from A.G. Tom Miller: Consumer Scams after Tornadoes and Floods.

May 2008

5-19-08 Court Bans John Davis From Real Estate Business in Iowa.
5-19-08 A.G. Alleges Telemarketing Fraud by “Galaxy Member Benefits”.
5-16-08 A.G. Sues Direct-Mail Operation for Deception Aimed at Older Iowans.
5-9-08 "Iowa Mortgage Help" Will Aid Home Owners Struggling with Mortgage Payments.

April 2008

4-29-08 State Obtains Court Order Against Scott County Auto Business.
4-22-08 Foreclosure Prevention Efforts Falling Short of Need, Miller Says.

February 2008

2-28-08 "Iowa Mortgage Help" Will Aid Home Owners Struggling with Mortgage Payments.
2-26-08 Barr Pays $5.9 Million to States
2-14-08 Caremark to pay $41 million and Change Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices Related to Prescription Drugs.
2-7-08 States’ Foreclosure Prevention Working Group Produces First Report on Mortgage Servicers’ Loss-Mitigation Performance.

January 2008

1-18-08 Miller Offers Laws to Protect Home Buyers.