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2011 Consumer News Releases


December 2011

12-27-11 Telebrands, Inc. Agrees to Refunds for Iowa Consumers
12-15-11 Cell Phone Robo-Call Bill Dies Following Outcry by Miller, Other State Attorneys General, and Consumers
12-07-11 Connecticut Company to Cease Sales to Iowans, Provide Refunds to Iowa Customers

October 2011

10-26-11 Miller Asks Judge to Order Labor Law Poster Seller to Cooperate with Consumer Fraud Investigation
10-21-11 Iowans Targeted By Credit Card Telephone Robo-Scam Urged to Report Incident to Federal "IC3"

September 2011

09-21-11 Virginia "Disabilities" Solicitor Agrees to Iowa Call Ban
09-14-11 Federal-State Partnership Leads to First Mortgage Fraud Indictments

August 2011

8-16-11 Miller Sues Texas Buying Club
8-9-11 Minnesota Professional Fundraisers to Stay Out of Iowa

July 2011

7-15-11 Car Rental Company to Disclose Tax in Online Quotes

June 2011

6-23-11 Miller, 36 States Reach $40.75 Million Settlement with GlaxoSmithKline and SB Pharmco
6-15-11 Judge Imposes Ten-Year Fundraising Ban on Florida Charity
6-7-11 Attorney General Alleges Consumer Fraud in Lawsuit Against West Des Moines Contractor
6-2-11 Miller to State Lawmakers: Keep Notices Going to Iowans Facing Foreclosure

April 2011

4-21-11 Miller Expresses Concerns to Pabst Over "Blast" High Alcohol Drink
4-14-11 Miller Warns of Post-Tornado Scams & Consumer Protection Issues
4-7-11 Second Sound-Alike Government Document Seller to Stop Marketing to Iowans
4-6-11 Court Orders Camanche Used Car Sellers to Cease
4-5-11 Iowans' E-Mail Accounts Exposed Following Data Security Breach

March 2011

3-14-11 Sound-Alike Government Document Company Stops Marketing Deeds to Iowans
3-14-11 Japan Relief Scams
3-10-11 Miller, Dozens of State AGs Reach Landmark $68.5 Million Astrazeneca Pharmacueticals Settlement
3-8-11 Judge Orders Vertrue to Pay Nearly $33 Million

January 2011

1-7-11 Attorney General Miller Offers Consumer Protection Assistance to Deployed Service Members and Families