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John R. PerkinsThe mission of the Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA) is “To represent Iowa consumers and the public interest in all forums with the goal of maintaining safe, reliable, reasonably-priced, and nondiscriminatory utility services for all consumers in all market settings while informing and educating the public on utility related issues.”  This is accomplished by taking an active role in proceedings before the Iowa Utilities Board.

OCA reviews and investigates all aspects of regulated services provided to Iowa customers by gas and electric utilities to assure these services are reliable, adequate, and provided on just and reasonable terms.  In fulfilling this responsibility, OCA appears before the Iowa Utilities Board in applications for new or changed rates, conditions and terms of service, rulemaking proceedings, customer complaints, emissions planning budgets, energy efficiency programs, fuel and resource procurement plans, service territory determinations, and proposals to reorganize a regulated utility business. While rates for telecommunications services are not regulated, OCA reviews tariffs for service standards and represents consumers in rulemakings, complaints, intercarrier disputes, and policy investigations with the goal of protecting consumers and advancing competition in Iowa’s telecommunications markets. OCA is also authorized to represent consumers and the public before federal agencies on utility related matters.

We recognize our responsibilities to consumers, and commit to serving with excellence. Our actions will comply with the statutory provisions of the State of Iowa, and our duties under those statutes will be carried out in a fiscally responsible manner. Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.

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Mark R. Schuling
Mark R. Schuling
Consumer Advocate