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Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

2004 Sunshine Advisory Bulletins

December 2004 - Paper Files? Electronic Files? Tapes? Public records are stored in many formats!

November 2004 - Are Closed Sessions Confidential? Yes, but tapes and minutes may be released.

October 2004 - Releasing Public Records: Can courts block the release of an open record?

September 2004 - Logging on: How Do You Apply the Public Records Law in a Computer Age? : Must government provide access to data processing software when public records are maintained on computers?

August 2004 - "But My Lawyer Said This Was Legal!": Can legal advice shield sunshine violators?

July 2004 - Closed-Session Agendas: Is an agenda required for a closed session?

June 2004 - No Secret Settlements: The public is entitled to know when a government body settles litigation. In government, settlements are not secret.

May 2004 - Is There a Meeting After the Meeting?: Are there notice requirements for subcommittees of public bodies?

April 2004 - Time for Spring Cleaning?: How long must officials keep public records?

March 2004 - Emergency Meetings: Can Good Cause Justify Less Notice?

February 2004 - Toss, Delete or Save?: When should public bodies retain records?

January 2004 - Which Records are Confidential?