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CPA Passing List


*CPA Exam Services sends the passing candidate files quarterly as per the following schedule:
1st quarter (Jan-Feb-Mar): after April 15
2nd quarter (April-May-June): after July 15
3rd quarter (July-Aug-Sept): after October 15
4th quarter (Oct-Nov-Dec): after January 15

This is an "UNOFFICIAL" list of successful passing candidates. While the Iowa Accountancy Board takes great care to assure the accuracy of this list, it not intended to be taken as "official" nor used in any manner as a substitute for the "official" results mailed by CPA Examination Services.

Additionally, this list of successful passing candidates does not include candidates that failed to provide the CPA Examination Services with a transcript verifying their degree for release of examination scores.

1st Quarter Successful Candidates
2nd Quarter Successful Candidates
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