The following link shows a list of potential applicants whose criminal history background checks are now complete.  If they have satisfied all other conditions for licensure they can now send in their completed application for a real estate license without waiting for a written notification from the Commission.  The notification letter does NOT need to be attached to the application.  Please do not include a copy of the list.  Background checks are valid for 210 calendar days from the date of the FBI report (not 210 days from the date we receive the report) and completed applications must be received within those 210 days.  The background check is reviewed for final approval only after the completed application for licensure is received by the Commission.


The background process can take up to 4-8 weeks, and in some instances longer, to complete.


Attention:  Keep in mind that pre-license education (if applicable), passing examination scores (if applicable), certification of licensure (if applicable) and the criminal history background check all have expiration dates that applicants need to watch carefully.


If you have questions on real estate licensing please contact the Licensing Specialist at 515-725-9022.


If you have questions concerning the criminal history background process or need another fingerprint packet please contact Jill Simbro, Background Coordinator, at


This list is updated only when we receive background reports back from the FBI.  There is no set schedule for us to receive them.  If your name is not on this list then we have not yet received your report back from the FBI.  Only if it has been more than 2 months since your background has been submitted are we able to check with the FBI on the “status” of a background. 



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