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This information is provided as a service to the public and to assist licensees. Complete licensing information for the profession is included.

Firm License Requirements:
Partnerships, associations, corporations, professional corporations and professional limited liability companies are required to obtain a business license with the Iowa Real Estate Commission prior to providing real estate services.  To obtain a business license at least one partner, officer or member must have/obtain an Iowa broker's license. The business is also required to have current E & O insurance coverage.

Every Iowa resident real estate firm or self-employed (sole-proprietor) shall maintain an office for the transaction of business in the state of Iowa, which shall be open to the public during business hours or by appointment.

A nonresident Iowa real estate broker or firm is not required to maintain a definite place of business within Iowa, provided the nonresident broker or firm maintains an active place of business within the the state or jurisdiction of domicile as provided in Iowa Code section 543B.22.

When a real estate brokerage firm closes, the principal broker or a designated representative shall follow procedures as provided in 193E-Chapter 8.

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Branch Office License Requirements:
An Iowa licensed real estate firm or proprietor maintaining a branch office shall display two branch office licenses in that location.  One branch office license is issued in the name of the firm or proprietor and one is issued in the name of the designated broker or broker associate assigned to supervise the branch office.  (EXCEPTION: a sole-proprietor broker who is the designated broker for the branch office location and not the main office location is required to display only one branch office license in that location.)

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A firm branch licenses will have the same expiration date as the firm's main license.  A designated broker branch license will have the same expiration date as that broker's main license.  Branch licenses must be renewed to remain active.

The main office and every branch office shall be directly supervised by a broker or broker associate assigned to that location as the designated broker.  No broker or broker associate shall be the designated broker of more than one location.

A broker associate employed or engaged to be in charge of the branch office shall have the same responsibilities of supervision of the licensees working from that location as are imposed on the employing, sponsoring, or affiliated broker.

When the designated broker of a branch office transfers to a different office, terminates employment, or otherwise ceases to be in charge of the branch location, the branch office license must be returned to the Commission. A new designated broker for the branch must be assigned before a new branch license can be issued.  The firm branch license displayed in the branch office must also be returned to the Commission.

The address of a branch office can not be changed.  If a branch office is closed (relocated) the two branch licenses (firm and broker-in-charge) for that location must be returned to the Commission to be cancelled.  Then the new branch office and broker-in-charge of that office must be licensed prior to providing real estate services at the new location.

Trade-name License Requirements:
Each sole-proprietor broker or firm when operating under a franchise, trade-name or a DBA may license the franchise, trade-name or DBA with the Commission OR shall clearly reveal in all advertising that the broker or firm is the licensed individual/firm who owns the entity using the franchise, trade-name or DBA.  (Exception:  A sole-proprietor may use his/her own name.)

Trade-names will have the same expiration date as the sole-proprietor or firm they are assigned to.  Trade-names are not required to have E & O insurance coverage.  No individual is assigned to a trade-name.

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