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1998 Meeting Minutes

1918 SE Hulsizer Road
Ankeny, Iowa

September 3, 1998--MINUTES

Present: Chair; Terry Rogers, Russ Nading, Theresa Loffredo, and Evelyn Rank. Mark Odden was absent.

Others present: Roger Halvorson, Administrator; Roger Hansen, Executive Secretary; Pam Griebel, Assistant Attorney General; Susan Griffel, Michael Sharp, and Chris Wood, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order by Rogers at 9:00 a.m.

Nading moved, seconded by Rank to approve the July 9, 1998 minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

The November meeting will be November 4 and 5, 1998, followed by December 10, 1998, meeting. The Investigative Committee for November is Odden, Nading, and Rogers.

Nading moved, seconded by Loffredo that the Commission enter into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code section 21.5(1)(d)(f). Roll call vote as follows: Loffredo, aye; Rogers, aye; Rank, aye, and Nading, aye. Motion carried. The closed session was tape recorded and minutes were recorded. The Commission entered into closed session at 9:05 a.m. and arose therefrom at 9:25 a.m.

Nading moved, seconded by Loffredo to allow Molly Woodward to pursue a real estate career. Motion carried unanimously.

Rank moved, seconded by Nading to accept the informal settlement signed by Teri Lynn Hogan-Terrell, case numbers 98-023 and 98-024. Motion carried unanimously.

Loffredo moved, seconded by Rank to accept the ruling as prepared by Assistant Attorney General on the request for declaratory ruling by Larry Jones. Motion carried unanimously.

Nading moved, seconded by Loffredo to deny the waiver request for Lloyd Penningroth. Motion carried unanimously.

Nading reported he had been nominated as a Director for ARELLO.

Halvorson announced the Board Chairs meeting to be held September 9, 1998. He reported the Engineering Board would be the first to renew electronically.

Griffel reported on a job analysis done by PSI. PSI has also taken 20 questions out of the national examination. She is also working on an Ethics course for all the professions.

Sharp distributed a written report on the trust account audits. He has completed 243 field audits and 84 desk audits for the year.

Hansen has been nominated as an Alternate Director for ARELLO. He is currently Chair of the Interjurisdiction Cooperative Committee; and Vice-Chair of the Technology Task Force Committee.

Griebel will be attending the ARELLO Annual conference in September. She is also writing an article on the new Administrative Procedures Act for the Newsletter.

Rank moved, seconded by Loffredo to close the following complaint cases:

A98-058 98-040 98-050 98-056 98-051 98-048 98-042 98-039 98-049 98-059

98-046 98-041 98-044 98-047 98-054

Motion carried unanimously

Nading moved, seconded by Rank to find probable cause on cases: 97-041, 97-102 and A97-055. Motion carried unanimously

Loffredo moved, seconded by Nading to accept the following subdivided land and timeshare filings:

Time-Share Consolidated Filing. (7-10-98)

The Falls Village Resort
Branson, Missouri

Time-Share Abbreviated Filing. (7-10-98)

Westgate Town Center
2770 Old Wilson Road
Kissimme, Florida

Time-Share Abbreviated Filing (7-24-98)

Royal Vista Resort
1110 South Ocean Boulevard
Pompano Beach, Florida

Iowa Real Estate Commission
September 3, 1998
Page Three

Subdivided Land Consolidated Filing. (8-5-98)

The Communities of Four Seasons
Camden County, Missouri

Subdivided Land 1998 Renewal (8-5-98)

Lake of the Oaks
Clark County, Missouri

Subdivided Land 1998 Renewal and Consolidation (8-17-98)

Wildflower at Lake Thunderhead
Putnam County, Missouri

Time-Share Abbreviated Filing. (8-20-98)

Vacation Village at Bonaventure IV
Broward County, Florida

Time-Share Amended Filing (8-20-98)

Sunrise Cove
Dickinson County
Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360-0645

Subdivided Land 1998 Renewal (8-5-98)

Dakota Dunes
Union County, South Dakota

Motion carried unanimously

After reviewing the request from Donald I. Dix, the Commission asked that more information be submitted before a final decision.

Rank moved, seconded by Nading to file as Notice of Intended Action rules relative to college loans and Internet advertising. Motion carried unanimously

Loffredo moved, seconded by Rank to adjourn the meeting at 10:35 a.m. Motion carried unanimously

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