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2000 Meeting Minutes

1918 SE Hulsizer Road
Ankeny, IA

January 27, 2000 -- MINUTES

Present: Evelyn Rank, Robert Miller, Barbara Leestamper.

Others present: Roger Hansen, Executive Secretary; Pam Griebel, Assistant Attorney General; Susan Griffel, Education Director; Frank Hansen, Trust Auditor; LuAnn Julstrom, staff. Also present: Paul McLaughlin, IAR; David E. Kumpe, USAA Federal Savings Bank.

The meeting was called to order at 9:08 a.m. Leestamper moved, seconded by Miller, to approve the 12-9-99 minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

The request for experience substitution from Calvin Hileman was discussed. Leestamper moved, seconded by Miller, to deny the request. Motion carried unanimously.

The request for consideration from Stephen R. Hill was discussed. Miller moved, seconded by Leestamper, to deny the request. Motion carried unanimously.

Miller moved, seconded by Leestamper, to go into closed session pursuant to Iowa Code 21.5(1)(d) and Iowa Code 21.5(1)(f). Roll call vote as follows: Rank, aye; Miller, aye; Leestamper, aye. Minutes were recorded. The commission entered into closed session at 9:37 a.m. and arose therefrom at 10:07 a.m. Recommendations from the investigative committee were discussed. McLaughlin and Kumpe were absent from the closed session.

Miller moved, seconded by Leestamper, to go into open session. Motion carried unanimously.

Leestamper moved, seconded by Miller, to accept signed informal settlements in cases A99-004, 99-037, 99-066, 99-109. Motion carried unanimously.

Miller moved, seconded by Leestamper, to close the following cases:

99-091 99-092 99-101 99-104 99-105

99-106 99-100 99-111 99-115 99-116

99-122 99-121 99-117 99-118 99-114

99-110 99-036 99-120 99-097 99-098

and to find probable cause in the following cases:

99-076 99-078

Motion carried unanimously.

Kumpe related that USAA uses Cendant’s relocation services and wants to be able to give its members rebates in the form of reduced commissions on real estate transactions. Pam Griebel suggested that USAA could ask for a declaratory ruling on a hypothetical set of facts, but that pre-approval of a plan or forms would not be possible.

Dick Robert, a broker from Cedar Falls, joined the meeting at 10:15 a.m. Robert expressed concern that Cendant’s counselors were not licensed, and pointed out the disadvantages of unlicensed counselors dictating terms to licensees.

Kay Chapman reported that she had met with Marty Lee and Jennifer Kingland with the Iowa Association of Realtors. She also reported on plans for on-line license renewals, related costs, and credit card processing.

Pam Griebel reported that she will attend the January 28 governor’s meeting on the current status of the uniform waiver rule.

Griffel reported that the testing contract with PSI is up for renewal 6-30-00. She also reported that she has reviewed 50 courses in the past month and is getting an increased number of calls from out-of-state companies wanting approval for on-line courses.

F. Hansen reported that he had conducted 13 audits since January 1. He distributed a report about the audits.

R. Hansen reported that ARELLO and NAR continue to progress on the international database of real estate licensees. He also reported on List Serve that will allow licensees to register to receive e-mail updates from the commission and the potential for a real estate forum via Internet.

McLaughlin reported that the IAR is watching bills concerning auctioneers, new home construction, UNI funding, appraiser licensing, and a groundwater hazard bill. IAR has changed Internet providers and will consolidate their sites.

Dick Robert expressed support for the Commission’s continued efforts in the area of written disclosure of licensee financial interest.

Leestamper moved, seconded by Miller, to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:57 a.m.

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