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Records & Information Center

Effective, January 2, 2009, the Iowa Utilities Board implemented an Electronic Filing System (EFS) for filings and documents. Public documents filed in new dockets after January 2, 2009 will be available for viewing and downloading from the EFS.

The Records and Information Center houses all the filings of the Iowa Utilities Board (Board). Any interested person may examine all public records of the Board in person at the offices of the board during the regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding legal holidays. Requests for available information may also be submitted in writing. Such a request must comply with requirements found in the Iowa Administrative Code 199 Chapter 1.9(7)b. Unless otherwise provided by law, all public records, other than confidential records, maintained by the Board shall be made available for public inspection.

For information on how to file official documents with the Board, please refer to the How to Make a Filing with the Iowa Utilities Board page.

Copy Requests

Copies of records may be made at the Records and Information Center in person or with staff assistance. Copies may also be ordered by calling 515.725.7337 or by completing a copy request form and mailing or faxing the form. In all cases there will be a $2.00 charge for the first five pages and $0.25 per page thereafter ($2.00 minimum charge).

Search Fees

An hourly fee will be charged for searching for requested records. The fee will be based upon the pay scale of the employee who makes the search. No search fee will be charged if the records are not located, the records are not made available for inspection, or the search does not exceed one-quarter hour in duration.

Utility Maps

The Iowa Utilities Board has several paper maps detailing utility service areas as well as pipeline and electric transmission line locations. Please visit the on-line map order form for descriptions and prices of maps.

An online statewide map of Iowa electric service territories is also available from the Iowa Department of Transportation web site. Users can review electric service boundaries and information locally or across the state, by using links to county or local area maps, and connect directly to utility web sites. These electronic maps are provided in PDF format and may also be printed for non-commercial use.