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Current Activity Tracker

The activity tracker provides summary information for each of the major dockets filed with the Board.  Docket summaries recap the most important facts in particular cases to date. They describe pleadings and Board actions, unique circumstances, and customer or company impacts.

Summaries for dockets which concluded in 2012 have been removed from this page.  All dockets which concluded in 2012 are available for review in the agency's 2012 Annual Report. Information pertaining to dockets not concluded as of December 31, 2012, is included in this online Activity Tracker.

Summaries and listings for specific dockets will be updated periodically throughout the year after cases conclude.  Electric Franchise (E) and Pipeline Permit (P) dockets will consist simply of listings of utilities, their application filing dates, and Board approval/other action dates. Written summaries will be provided for cases that fall under the other docket types listed.  Upon the release of the Board's Annual Report, summary information relating to dockets concluded during the prior calendar year will be removed from the current activity tracker and may be reviewed in the relevant Annual Report.

To access the summary information, click on the three-letter docket designation to link to all of the summaries for that docket type.  Three-letter docket designations are listed in alphabetical order, reading down, then right.  

E (PDF 11/25/14) NOI TCU
EEP P (PDF 11/14/14) WRU

To read the description for a particular type of docket, view the docket glossary.