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Court Proceedings

The Board's decisions may be appealed to court pursuant to state and federal law. This table shows the status of the existing court cases involving the Board.  Updated 04-02-2014.

Docket No. Caption Type Appeal Date Court of Appeal Current Status
(S.Ct. No. 13-0642)
SZ Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Eagle Point Solar v. Iowa Utilities Board, a division of the Department of Commerce, State of Iowa Definition of public utility 05-11-12 Iowa Supreme Court
(Polk County)
Answer filed 05-31-12.  Record filed 06-10-12.  Board brief filed 10-05-12.  Oral argument 01-18-13.  District court decision reversing Board decision issued 03-29-13.  Appealed to Supreme Court 04-10-13.  Board brief filed 06-19-13.  Board reply brief filed 09-12-13.  Oral argument 01-22-14. Awaiting decision.
(S.Ct. No. 13-0146)
(LACV 73987)
Hawkeye Land Company v. Iowa Utilities Board Crossing fee 10-24-11 Iowa Supreme Court
(Linn County)
Answer filed 11-14-11.  Record filed 11-24-11.  Board brief filed 08-08-12.  Oral argument 10-05-12.  Board decision affirmed by District Court 12-31-12.  Appealed to Supreme Court 01-24-13.  Board brief filed 07-31-13.  Board final brief filed 09-03-13. Oral argument 04-03-14 at Drake Law School.
(LACV 500854)
Hawkeye Land Company v. ITC Midwest, LLC Crossing fee 10-24-11 Franklin County Response filed 10-31-11.  Board not participating; challenge restricted to appropriate amount of damages.  Stayed pending outcome of appeal in Linn County.
(S. Ct. No. 12-1568)
Hawkeye Land Company v. Franklin County Wind, LLC Railroad crossing 08-27-12 Iowa Supreme Court Board's motion to file amicus brief filed 09-24-12; granted 10-18-12.  Page proof amicus brief filed 12-03-12.  Court of Appeals decision affirming district court issued 5-30-13. Supreme Court denied review 11-08-13.
(S. Ct. No. 13-0539)
Hawkeye Land Company v. Grand River Mutual Telephone Co. Railroad crossing 04-04-13 Iowa Supreme Court Board's motion to file amicus brief filed 04-22-13.  Board's amicus brief filed 07-05-13.
Sprint Communications Company, L.P. v. Iowa Utilities Board VoIP traffic 04-25-11 Polk County Oral argument 04-19-13.  Decision affirming Board issued 09-16-13.  Sprint's motion to reconsider/modification or for new trial filed 10-01-13.  Board's response filed 10-11-13.  Hearing on motion 11-06-13. Sprint's renewed motion to stay and notice of S. Ct.'s decision filed 12-12-13.  Board's resistance filed 12-20-13.  Hearing on renewed motion 01-10-14. Renewed motion to stay denied 02-12-14. Motion to reconsider denied 03-12-14
(U.S. S.Ct. No. 12-815) (11-CV-183)
Sprint Communications Company, L.P. v. Jacobs, et. al. VoIP traffic 04-25-11

U.S. Supreme Court
(8th Cir Ct of Appeals)
(U. S. District Court, S.D. Iowa)

Board motion for abstention granted by order issued on 08-01-11. Appeal filed by Sprint on 09-02-11.  District court decision granting motion for abstention affirmed in part by Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals 09-04-12. Sprint's petition for writ of certiorari to U.S. Supreme Court granted 04-15-13. S.Ct. decision reversing 8th Circuit issued 12-10-13. Order vacating Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals decision and reopening case issued 01-14-14. Scheduling conference held by telephone 03-27-14.  IUB motion to dismiss due 04-16-14.  Sprint's motion for summary judgment due 04-28-14.
137 FERC
61,200 and
137 FERC
(D.C. Circuit No. 13-1184)
Midland Power v. Swecker PURPA 05-17-13 U.S. Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit) Appeal filed 05-17-13.  Board intervention filed 06-17-13.  Board brief filed 12-05-13. Board's reply brief due 04-14-14.