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Board Orders

Effective January 2, 2009, the Board implemented its Electronic Filing System (EFS).  Board orders will be uploaded to the EFS at the time of issuance.  To search for a Board order issued on or after January 2, 2009, select Search from the EFS top navigation bar and choose Document Search from the drop-down menu.

In the Document Search window, select Order, Board in the document type field and click Search to return all Board orders (issued on or after January 2, 2009).  To find a Board order issued in a specific docket, enter the Docket Number in the Docket Number field, select Order, Board as the document type and click Search. Inputting dates into the Date Filed fields will help narrow the search to a specific time frame.

Other search parameters are available to narrow the search to a submitting company or industry type.  For more information on how to use the search functions, please review the Guest User or Registered User Guides.

Board orders issued prior to January 2, 2009, remain available from the links in the table below.

Prior Board Orders

Calendar Year 2008 Calendar Year 2007 Calendar Year 2006 Calendar Year 2005
1st Quarter 2008 1st Quarter 2007 1st Quarter 2006 1st Quarter 2005
2nd Quarter 2008 2nd Quarter 2007 2nd Quarter 2006 2nd Quarter 2005
3rd Quarter 2008 3rd Quarter 2007 3rd Quarter 2006 3rd Quarter 2005
4th Quarter 2008 4th Quarter 2007 4th Quarter 2006 4th Quarter 2005
Calendar Year 2004 Calendar Year 2003 Calendar Year 2002 Calendar Year 2001
1st Quarter 2004 1st Quarter 2003 1st Quarter 2002 1st Quarter 2001
2nd Quarter 2004 2nd Quarter 2003 2nd Quarter 2002 2nd Quarter 2001
3rd Quarter 2004 3rd Quarter 2003 3rd Quarter 2002 3rd Quarter 2001
4th Quarter 2004 4th Quarter 2003 4th Quarter 2002 4th Quarter 2001
Calendar Year 2000 Calendar Year 1999
1st Quarter 2000 Not Available    
2nd Quarter 2000 2nd Quarter 1999    
3rd Quarter 2000 3rd Quarter 1999    
4th Quarter 2000 4th Quarter 1999    

Orders issued prior to April 12, 1999 are not available for download from this web site. 
Please contact the Records Center at 515.725.7337 for copies of Board orders issued prior to April 12, 1999.

DISCLAIMER: This web site is a service of the Iowa Utilities Board. The files herein are for information only and are not intended as official records of the Agency.  Certified, signed copies of Board orders are available from the Records Center, Iowa Utilities Board, 1375 E. Court Ave., Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069.