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Investigation (INU)

INU-2014-0001 Avoided Costs On January 14, 2014, Interstate Power and Light Company (IPL), MidAmerican Energy Company (MEC), the Office of Consumer Advocate, and the Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Iowa Environmental Council each filed a request for investigation regarding various aspects of IPL’s and MEC’s avoided costs of electricity.  Avoided costs have been addressed in various dockets, most recently in IPL’s and MEC’s energy efficiency plan proceedings.  Although there was agreement on some issues in those dockets regarding avoided costs for energy efficiency purposes, there was no consensus on qualifying facility avoided cost issues.  On April 22, 2014, the Board issued an order initiating an investigation and requiring additional information and technical workshop(s).  The Board’s order stated that MEC and IPL provided narrative descriptions of their avoided cost methodologies, but little information showing how the various inputs for avoided cost calculation are acquired or assembled and calculated.  The Board directed each of the utilities to conduct an interactive forum where Board staff and all those who requested the avoided cost investigation can view the information and interact with utility staff familiar with the models.  The Board also stated that after completion of the workshops, the Board will determine what additional steps are required to continue the investigation.  The docket is pending.

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