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Customer Contribution Funds

Voluntary Customer Contribution Funds - Under Iowa law, energy utilities are required to operate a voluntary contribution fund where utility customers may add additional money to their monthly payment and have it deposited in a low income heating assistance fund. The money is then turned over to local social service agencies, such as the Community Action Program (CAP) agencies for distribution to needy low income persons needing assistance paying their energy bills. Because each gas and electric utility operates an independent fund and they go under such names as Project Helper, ICARE, ISHARE, etc. These contributions are generally recognized as tax deductible.

Customer Contribution Fund (CCF) Report for FY 2013
(July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)

The CCF report consists of contributions of $1,145,504 and distributions of $1,218,496. The contributions and distributions are reported as two separate activities and therefore are not reconciled.

Funding from Utility Customers:

Investor-owned Municipals RECs Total
Customers Contributing 10,278 1,344 1,668 13,290
Total Funds Contributed $983,814 $104,104 $57,587 $1,145,504
Total Funds Distributed $1,061,573 $102,475 $54,448 $1,218,496
Families Assisted 4,915 925 425 6,265
Average Per Family $216 $111 $128 $194

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