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Weatherization Techniques Demonstration Videos

Videos clips demonstrating weatherization techniques are available for downloading.  Each of these video clips was provided by Alliant Energy as part of its PowerHouse series.  These video clips are intended to assist consumers who would like to weatherize their homes and should not be otherwise used, copied or disseminated.

A broadband connection is best for downloading these files.  To download a video clip, right click on the title and select "Save Target As" or "Save As" and select a location on your computer to which the file will be saved. To view a video clip once it has been downloaded, you must have an application installed on your computer which will play .mpeg files.  Examples of media viewers include Microsoft's Media Player or Apple's QuickTime player.  These and other media viewers are available at no charge from the internet.

Please do not attempt to watch these clips before downloading.  This site is not set-up to stream video. 

Video Clip
(right click on title and select Save Target As / Save As)
File size
Estimated Download Time (at 56 Kbps)
Finding Air Leaks 71 MB 21 minutes
Weatherizing Windows and Doors 50 MB 15 minutes
Heating Tips/Safety Tips 54 MB 16 minutes
Information about Natural Gas Prices 29 MB 9 minutes

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