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CNGP Annual Report

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Pursuant to 199 IAC 19.14(5)"c," all CNGPs are required to file an annual report with the IUB on April 1 of each year. The annual report form is form CNGP-1 and is available on the Board's Web site. The annual report may be filed with a request for confidential treatment pursuant to 199 IAC 1.9(6). The appropriate filing procedure is detailed below.

Annual Information

  1. The average number of small volume end users served per month.
  2. The average number of large volume end users served per month.
  3. The total volume of sales to small volume end users, by month.
  4. The total volume of sales to large volume end users, by month.
  5. The revenue collected from small volume end users for competitive natural gas services, excluding any revenue collected from end users on behalf of utilities.
  6. The revenue collected from large volume end users for competitive natural gas services, excluding any revenue collected from end users on behalf of utilities.
  7. The date the applicant began providing service in Iowa.

Filing Procedure

The annual report form for CNGPs is form CNGP-1.  This form is to be filed electronically with the Board.  To submit an annual report filing or to register for a user account, please visit the EFS home page.

Confidential Materials
(Note:   This information is included in both the "How to File Confidential Materials" section, and the "Annual Report" section.)

The rules governing confidential treatment of materials are 199 IAC 1.9(6).  Confidential treatment may be requested for all of the information contained in the annual report form, except for the total annual gross revenues for Iowa operations, which are made public pursuant to Iowa Code Section 476.10.  If you wish to seek confidential treatment for this information, you must file a Request for Confidentiality (Request) with the Board.

A request for confidentiality must include the legal basis for withholding the materials from public inspection and the facts relied upon in support of the legal basis, and supported by an affidavit executed by a corporate officer or by an individual, if not a business entity, with personal knowledge of the specific facts.  If the materials are requested to be withheld from public inspection for only a limited period of time, the period must be specified.

When electronically filing a document containing confidential information, a person shall file one public version of the document with the confidential information redacted according to the Board's standards for electronic information and one version of the document containing all of the information with the confidential information highlighted.  The two versions of the document shall be named according to the following convention:  "Document Title – Public" and "Document Title – Confidential."  It is the responsibility of the person submitting a public version of the electronic document to take appropriate measures to ensure that any embedded information for which confidential treatment is sought is nonviewable, nonsearchable, and nonreversible.  Each page of the confidential version of the document shall be marked in a way that identifies it as belonging to the confidential version of the document.  The confidential material itself shall be highlighted or otherwise distinguished on the page to identify what specific information is confidential.

If a Request complies with the procedure outlined here and the content of the Request as described above, then the materials will be temporarily withheld from public inspection until the Board examines the documents to determine whether confidentiality is granted.  If the Request is granted, the ruling will be placed in a public file in lieu of the materials withheld from public inspection.  If the Request is denied, the documents will be held confidential for 14 days to allow the applicant an opportunity to seek injunctive relief.  After the 14 days expire, the materials will be available for public inspection, unless the Board is directed by a court to keep the information confidential. 

For more information about filing confidential materials, contact the Records Center at 515.725.7337.