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How to File a CNGP Application

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CNGP applications are to be filed electronically with the Board.  To submit a filing or to register for a user account, please visit the EFS home page.

Initial CNGP applications will be held in the EFS system until the application fee of $125 is received.  After the application has been uploaded to the EFS, the application fee should be mailed to:

Executive Secretary
Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E. Court Avenue, Room 69
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0069

Once the application fee is received, the application will be processed.

Once an application is filed, a docket number will be assigned under the CGP (Competitive Gas Provider) docket designation.  CNGPs should reference the docket number assigned to the original application (i.e. Docket No. CGP-XXXX-XXXX) whenever additional information is filed with the Board. 

For more information, contact Barb Oswalt in the Energy Section at 515.725.7342 or by email to