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Regulation of Energy Utilities (Electric & Natural Gas)

The Energy Section works primarily on electricity and gas-related tariffs (outlining cost/terms of service), rate proceedings, service area boundaries, utility mergers and acquisitions, and regional and national planning issues. It advises the Board on matters pertaining to gas, electric, and the one investor-owned water utility subject to IUB regulation. The Energy Section works closely with other agencies and the IUB Customer Service, Policy Development, and Safety & Engineering Sections regarding customer service issues, permitting/planning, and state/federal safety requirements.

The Safety & Engineering Section is responsible for the regulation of gas and electric service providers and pipeline and electric transmission and distribution companies as it relates to safety, construction, and operation and maintenance of facilities. The responsibilities of this section include reviewing and processing all petitions for electric transmission line franchises under Iowa Code chapter 478 and for pipeline permits under Iowa Code chapters 479 and 479B, and conducting inspections of natural gas and electric utilities for compliance with safety standards. It also acts as an interstate agent for the federal Department of Transportation in pipeline safety matters.

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