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NOI-2011-0002: High Voltage Transmission Projects

On August 16, 2011, the Iowa Utilities Board opened an inquiry on high-voltage transmission projects. For more information about the Board's inquiry goals, please review or download the "Order Opening an Inquiry on High-Voltage Transmission Projects and Soliciting Comments."

Iowa ranks second in wind power capacity and because Iowa is a major producer of wind energy, several major high-voltage transmission line projects are proposed to be constructed in Iowa to deliver wind resources to major load centers. In the fall of 2011, high-voltage transmission line proponents provided information requested in the order, and other interested participants provided comments regarding the filed information. Additional reply comments were also received, and stakeholders provided comments on transmission policy related issues.

On August 28, 2012, the Board hosted a workshop for high voltage transmission line project developers and stakeholders to further address the information filed, provide project status updates, discuss issues and concerns, and to better coordinate with the Board and other interested parties. The NOI docket will remain open and the formal inquiry continues. The presentations are available in the Electronic Filing System (EFS) or through links at the bottom of this page.

Mack Thompson, acting manager of the Board's Policy Development Section, is the inquiry manager for this docket. Questions regarding this docket should be addressed to Mr. Thompson, 515.725.7325, or via e-mail at

August 28, 2012 Workshop Presentations:
Iowa Utilities Board Staff (PDF)
Interstate Power and Light Company (PDF)
ITC Midwest (PDF)
MidAmerican Energy Company (PDF)
Rock Island Clean Line Energy Partners (PDF)

Zip/Compressed File of All 7 Presentations (.ZIP - 5 MB)